Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday 1/7/09

Jessica is still working on her online Algebra 2 course in the mornings with my dad. Since she sleeps in later, my dad gets there at 9:30 or 10:00, so that doesn't give them long to work. They're on the last chapter, but being the online course that it is, it takes longer to get through it. Without pushing too hard, it could probably take them another week and a half to finish. But we came across a stumbling block today (or 2 or 3). While talking with Jessica's school counselor, she said Jessica had to finish her class before she can take the national standardized End of Course (EOC) test next week on the 15th. If she hasn't finished, she'll have to take the next one in May. We, of course, would prefer it now while it's fresher on her mind. So, morning-evening-Saturday-Sunday-every chance there is, she'll be doing Algebra 2. And, she will finish it and take the EOC next Thursday.

The EOC test is during first and second block next Thursday, which means it starts at 8:00a.m. and lasts during 2 90 minute sessions. That's going to be tough! Jessica usually cannot be woken up at all that early in the morning. And also, that's going to be a long day.

I got an email from Jessica's English teacher today. Steve and I made the decision earlier in the school year to take Jessica out of pre-ap (advanced placement) classes to lighten her workload and help her get through this. Her English teacher emailed saying she understood that decision, but was afraid Jessica will be bored in her class. I contacted her school counselor who advised to leave it as is this semester, and couldn't find a pre-ap class open in the afternoon anyway. These decisions are so hard!

Jessica was somewhat tired today, but worked on Algebra 2 in the morning and then again in the evening (via phone call) with my dad, getting through 2 more quizzes.


Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura -

Can't you get an accommodation for Jessica to take her Algebra test later in the day, per her 504 plan? Even if it's a standardized test, they still have provisions for kids who have special needs. When Jamie was so sick in 6th grade, he took his Delaware State Test for Math here at home, with his home tutor. There were very specific provisions and security measures in order for him to take it at home, but he took it in 20 minute increments, with his home tutor proctoring, over the course of several days. Might be something to look into - it's just not fair to expect Jessica to do her best on a 2-hour 8 am test when that is clearly beyond her physical capabilities right now. I hope you can work something out for her...and believe me, I know how exhausting it is trying to be an advocate for your child and arrange all this stuff!!


Us said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Sue. I'm not sure if I just assumed since it was a standardized test...or if they told me everyone had to take it together. I've just emailed the 504 Plan Coordinator to request assistance with it. They do take these standardized tests seriously, but they can't expect her to do her best like it's set up. I hope we can work something else out too! Thanks for the advice!- Again!