Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday 1/6/09

One year ago today is when Jessica got sick. That was on the last Sunday of the Christmas holidays before school started back. She just didn't feel good. Later that week we found out she had mono. A few weeks later we found out it was EBV. And a few months later we got the diagnosis of CFS. It's been a year - a long year. But we give thanks to friends who gave support, encouragement, information and advice or a shoulder to cry on, thanks to parents that helped more than anything and were always there, and thanks to doctors doing what they can to guide us and help build up her health. We've learned and grown, and most importantly we've seen a lot of improvement since last spring. And Jessica has been a trooper through it all! We look forward to more improvement and better health.

Today was day two at school. Jessica was a little tired and her back was hurting when I picked her up from school. We started her B-12 shots this afternoon and hoping that will help some. No homework yet, so she could relax for the rest of the evening.


Sue Jackson said...

Those anniversary dates can be tough, Laura. It's great that you have such a good attitude and can feel grateful for some things. I'm so glad the Jessica has improved some. I got worse and worse at my first few annual CFS anniversaries, and those were always tough times.

Let's hope the improvement continues!