Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 1/30/09

Lots better today! Jessica made it through a past due orthodontist appointment and both of her classes!

And she seems ready to jump into the weekend. While she's being a teenager and weighing her weekend options (helping decorate with the youth group, going shopping with a friend, riding Mia, at least riding Mia...), I'm thinking this weekend would be a good weekend to lay low. Less weekend would mean more school week next week. There's got to be a balance somewhere to setting the much needed limits without interfering in too much of her fun. (I know it doesn't seem fair.) We're still figuring that one out - how to pace. I'm sure we'll go see Mia this weekend, but a shorter visit. And we have tickets to see a horse show (requested by Jessica of course) that should be very entertaining for all.

In the meantime... She's so much better today, and we're so glad for that!


Waterstone Jewelry said...

Yeah! Glad to here that. We have the problem also with activities.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Paula said...

Hi Laura, I was at the F&F center yesterday getting IV and met a 14 yr old patient. She was such a pleasure to meet and helped keep my mind off the IV which I have such anxiety about. She smiled the whole time and was texting her friends and just chit chatting with me. She talked about ski trips and parties. All I wanted to say to her was "please pace yourself - let yourself get better!!" But how can you say that to such a vibrant teenager. Yes, she is sick, but her spirit is so vibrant. These kids have such courage..

Us said...

It's good to know we're not the only ones trying to figure out how to handle activities.

Paula, that sounds like Jessica. When she's well, she's texting friends and thinking about plans, while I'm reminding her to pace herself. She's handled this all so well, and does have so much courage through it all... (How'd you do with the IV?)

Sue Jackson said...

Hurray! So glad to hear Jessica was feeling better. I hope she had a good weekend, too.

Pacing is almost impossible with kids and teens! They just live in the moment - which is a wonderful way to live but doesn't work too well with CFS. It's a tough balancing act. We're still working on it, even after several years. It sounds like you have a great attitude and a pretty good approach to mixing fun and rest. It's a never-ending challeng.

I hope the weekend and Monday went well.


Paula said...

IV's are rough afterwards. I am still feeling affects today (herx I guess). But I'm hopeful they will be worth it in the end. They do help with low blood volume and therefore dizziness upon standing and standing for awhile - like when I do the dishes.

Hope things go well this week!