Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Week in Review

Jessica had a decent week. By Wednesday, she was tired, but still made it through her school day. But Thursday, she was really tired, didn't feel well, and felt like she was catching a cold. She missed school that day and stayed in bed or on the couch for most of the day. But Friday was ok to go to school and then a movie after school with a friend.

Today, Saturday, we went to the stables to work with and ride Mia. My niece went with us to give us some training tips (to try to avoid another fall). We were there for a couple of hours. She had a good ride, and Mia did well.

Tonight Jessica doesn't feel too good - tired, and has a cough that hurts in her chest. It seems that every now and then she gets cold symptoms that may not pan out to be a real cold. Why is that? Is it part of CFS? EBV? Or does it have anything to do with the micoplasma pneumoniae that she tested positive for in her last lab tests?

We're being couch potatoes tonight, watching the Miss America contest and rooting for Miss Arkansas.


Sue Jackson said...

So glad to hear that Jessica was able to enjoy her weekend with the church group and had some fun this weekend, too.

Congestion is sometimes just a symptom of CFS, an early crash sign like the sore throat, but a cough is something else. If it gets worse or continues, have her checked for bronchitis. Most people with CFS have immune systems that overreact to viruses but under-respond to bacterial infections, so we're especially prone to things like bronchitis and sinus infections. Hope she feels better soon.


Us said...

Thanks Sue. I didn't realize that congestion was an early crash sign like a sore throat. She didn't feel good today - mainly just tired and not feeling good. But hopefully will soon.

I hope you and your boys are doing ok.


Us said...

Well, Sue, you were right - Bronchitis! I took Jessica to the doctor today to check out her cough, and he said it is bronchitis.