Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 1/29/09

Jessica was tired today. She woke me up in the middle of the night saying she couldn't sleep and had a sore throat.

But she still tried to get ready for school, not wanting to miss another day, but not knowing if she would be able to make it or not. She made it to her first class. And then, as soon as the next one was starting, she texted me - "Come get me." She missed her second and last class of the day, and came home to nap the rest of the afternoon.

But tonight, she seems to be feeling better. I think we're getting through this virus/crash!


Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura -

Sorry to hear Jessica had another rough day. In our experience, the worst crashes come when triggered by some sort of infection, even if we don't actually catch the virus or cold or whatever. It's that crazy revved-up immune system over-responding! Even Jamie, as well as he's doing now, will miss a full week of school for a crash triggered by a virus. Since Jessica has the cough, that's almost certainly what's going on.

I hope you all have a very relaxing weekend, and Jessica is back to feeling better for next week!


Us said...

So, Jamie's missed a whole week of school too? I had hoped it didn't last as long as it did. But she did make it back to school today, for the last day of the week, and seems to feel much better today. Thanks for your support, as usual!

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better! I hope you enjoy your company and your weekend.