Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday 4/11/08

Jessica has had a really bad week! I'm worried. So, I'm online looking at an epstein barr message board, where I see others saying their symptoms are lasting years. While I was waiting to hear the lab results from our primary care doctor, I called the clinic that we went to at Children's Hospital to let them know how she was doing and see what they said. When the nurse there called me back, she was not very nice, and I got off the phone so upset! She said "what do you want us to do? her epstein barr (ebv) test results came back negative; you can go to your primary care doctor to check for other things, and even if it was positive there isn't any medicine that we could give her." Then the nurse at our primary care called me to say that this set of lab tests showed that she had an "old [ebv] virus" so that means she should be better according to the lab. But our doctor also said that the results didn't correspond with the way she was feeling when she came into his office. He's supposed to call us this weekend. I think the doctors, everyone is baffled. Some have asked if she's depressed, if there's anything going on at school, if this is psychosomatic. That is so not Jessica! What I'm reading online looks like the symptoms can continue for a long time. Tonight when I put Jessica to bed she said "someone needs to go pick out Mia's feet." I asked if that meant she didn't feel like going, and she said she didn't really feel up to it. Ya know she doesn't feel good if she doesn't want to go see her horse. My stomach's been upset for the past few days, and I know it's because I'm worried about Jessica. Luckily today the kids were out of school for parent/teacher conferences, so she slept this afternoon, and Matthew took care of her.

She did make it through the day at school yesterday by pushing herself. She wanted to be picked up at lunch, but still had to finish a standardized test after lunch. They had started it in the morning, but had tornado sirens going off and had to sit in tornado drills for about 1-1/2 hours.