Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday 4/29/08

We tried for a while to get Jessica up this morning, but ended up leaving her in bed. She was completely out of it, and didn't feel well. My dad came over and stayed with her. She said she was tired but not as bad as yesterday. She napped for a while, and then made it to her last class.

I talked to the counselor today to get the name of the person that handles homebound teaching...


Sue Jackson said...

So sorry to hear that Jessica still felt so bad yesterday. It's great that you talked to the school about home tutoring. That really helped my older son get through the worst periods. Hope today is a better day for her.


Us said...

Thanks Sue! And thanks for your help! I guess I'd hoped she could do home tutoring but still go to school when she was able, but we have to choose one or the other. I believe we're going to go ahead with the homebound teacher.