Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday 4/28/08

It took about 15 minutes or so to get Jessica up this morning. She didn't feel well - sore throat, tired, etc. - and tried to get ready, but ended up back in bed. Her fingers were somewhat swollen and hurting, and later today she's said her arms and legs felt sore. It was hard leaving her to go to work. My mom came over to stay with her, and said she looked the worst she's ever seen her.

I got a text message from Jessica late this afternoon saying "Im sorry that i couldnt make it to school but i am just so tired. Im also sorry that my grades arent good but i am having to pretty much teach myself and i cant really remember anything either."

I asked for a leave of absence from my job today...

Jessica did eat good today. Everyone's asked if she's eating. It varies from day to day. Some days not much. Today she ate good! Today she ate a small slice of cheese danish for breakfast, and some toast when my mom got here, a baked potato and brownie for lunch, and then when I got home at 3:30 she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and brownie, and then she wanted 2 more grilled cheese sandwiches, and then she ate a roast beef sandwich for dinner. And to drink: apple juice, root beer, Sunny D, coke, and gatorade.