Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday 4/30/08

We tried to get Jessica up this morning for a while. Her eyes didn't open and she wouldn't wake up. She was limp, but I sat her up on the side of the bed, and tried to get her up. But she ended up in tears, and I put her back in bed. My mom came and stayed with her, and said she looks like life has been taken out of her, like she's drained.

I called doctors' offices all over today.

  • I called my headache clinic, because I had been referred there from a message board, but I was told that wouldn't deal with this - only headaches.
  • I called the Diagnostic Clinic and asked if the rhuematologists there could take her, but I was told that they don't take anyone under 18.
  • I called her old pediatric clinic, but was told that they would just refer us to the Children's Hospital.
  • I called the hospital and asked for suggestions. They referred me back to my primary care doctor who they said should be able to refer me to the correct clinic.
  • So I called the Infectious Disease clinic again and talked to the doctor. Her suggestions were 1)counselling to learn to deal with stress. (Jessica said "I don't have any stress.") 2)The Pain Clinic evidently is the closest thing to dealing with fatigue here in Arkansas. 3)Or there are fatigue centers around the country, but not in Arkansas, and she's supposed to check to see if there is one in Memphis. (That would be nice!) 4)Or she mentioned a couple of rhuematologists at the Children's Hospital. I asked if we could get in sooner than the appointment we had with another rhuematologist on June 5th. And this afternoon I got a call back with an appointment this coming Monday! We're going!

I also called about homebound teaching today, and found out that she can't go to school on her good days if we choose homebound. We have to get a form from the doctor with a diagnosis (which we don't have yet) and stating that he thinks she should be out for the rest of the year. So, I've got to see if we can get this done.

Jessica made it to her last class, and seems to be doing fairly well this afternoon.