Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday 4/22/08

I took Jessica to get the ultrasound on her thyroid today. It seems that it was normal.

Then we had an appointment with the doctor because she'd been complaining that her ears were hurting. It's from all this allergy stuff, congestion, etc. I wanted him to check her ears. Her ears were fine, but her throat looked bad. So he gave her some medicine.

As far as the other that's going on with her, he's been researching. He found a doctor in Texas (Dallas area I believe) that evidently specializes in Epstein Barr and fatigue. He suggested we try to contact him. He also said that he has two other patients that have had Epstein Barr - and they aren't getting any better either! He'd mentioned this Texas doctor to his other patients and they'd already contacted him, and one lady said she'd already taken her husband down to see him. Other than that, everyone's just baffled and frustrated.

The appointment with the rhuematologist isn't until June 5th. So, I guess we just keep doing what we're doing for now.

Jessica was tired, and didn't go back to school, or didn't go to school at all today. She took two naps, one for about 30 minutes before our doctors visits, and one for a little over an hour this afternoon.