Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday 4/14/08

I drug Jessica out of bed this morning to get her to school. It was said that she just needs to make herself get up and go, but no one understands how unresponsive and completely out of it she is. I talked to her, rubbed her back, shook her...then I turned on the tv (loudly) and the light and left the room for 10 minutes...came back and pulled her over, which wakes her up enough to get her upset. I finally got her up and to school. So, since we could tell this wasn't a good day, we planned for my dad to come pick her up at lunch to rest during lunch and dance. When he got her, she had a bad heacache and was dragging. She ate and went to bed. She set an alarm to wake her up from her nap. I got a text from her when she woke up saying she was still so exhausted. She said she could fall back asleep. So, she didn't make it back to school today. She went to bed at 8:00 last night, and today she slept from 11:40 until 3:10.

The doctor is planning and responded today with:
1. Setting her up with Rheumatology. They will be able to look thoroughly into all the arthritic conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome.
2. Scheduling her for a thyroid us test.
3. He also mentioned sending us a depression inventory, but doesn't think she is depressed. She has been sick a long time and with long term illness, teenagers get depression with there illness 85% of the time. [She's not depressed!]
4. Her potassium was fine, and she has not had her B12 tested, but we can check it the next time we're in the doctor's office.
5. EBV symptoms can last for several months and from literature even longer.