Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday 4/23/08

After a few tries, we got Jessica up and to school. She was tired. I got a message from her at 9:30a.m. asking if she could be picked up at lunch because she was "really tired." My parents got her around 11:30, 20 minutes after lunch had started, so her time at home was shortened some today. She may have slept an hour, but still tired and debated whether to go back to school or not, but did make it back for her last class.

Added at 9:00: Jessica went to bed at 8:00, her usual bedtime lately. At 9:00 I heard her bedroom door open, and started asking her what she needed, but she didn't answer. She got halfway down the stairs and almost within sight when we heard a thud. She had slid down to sitting on the stairs, pretty much asleep, and didn't know why she was up. She said she was going to get "something." I reminded her that she has a phone beside her bed to call me instead of getting up, and we put her back to bed. Sleepwalking! So, we put couch cushions at the bottom of the stairs for the night.