Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday 4/15/08

We couldn’t get Jessica up this morning. I tried. Steve tried. We turned on the tv. She doesn’t move. After trying hard, I can get one word answers from her, but her mouth doesn’t move and I have to put my ear to her mouth to hear and understand what she is trying to say. I asked if she needed anything, and I heard “water.” But of course she didn’t drink any, because she didn’t move and didn’t open her eyes once. In Steve’s words, she’s like a “zombie.” Almost non-responsive. Completely out of it.

My mom came to be with her, and said she looked like “she’d been sent for and couldn’t come.” She made it to school at 1:00, in time for her last class. She's tired.

This afternoon Jessica asked me if we tried to wake her up this morning.