Friday, September 26, 2008

The End of A Rough Week (Friday 9/26/08)

Jessica missed all week of school, spent most of over a week in bed, and just overall didn't feel good. She was doing good to make it from her bed to the bathroom for the most part. It looks like this long crash might've been caused from a virus. There have been tears and sadness because of all that she should be doing as an active teenager but instead is laying in bed. We gave up movie passes tonight and turned down an invitation to a steak dinner. But her attitude remains ok with it all. She's strong, and is rolling with the punches.

We had our steak dinner cooked at home yesterday, and watched our Netflix movie from the comfort of our living room couch tonight instead. It may be a lifestyle change, but we will learn to adjust accordingly.

I think she's starting to feel better today. We saw her beautiful smile! She's perked up and she's been up and about more.


Renee said...

Hello Laura
I am enjoying your blog about your daughter. I certainly hope she improves soon. Have you heard of Bruce Campbell's site/program ~ CFS/FM Self Help and his book? It would seem his program might help Jessica since she has not been ill for years is worth looking into.
Take care
Renee ( from lymeliving)

Us said...

Thanks Renee! No, I hadn't heard of Bruce Campbell. I just found his website, I believe, and I will check it out.
I hope and pray for strength and better health in days ahead for you as well. Thank you for your kindness and commenting on my blog.