Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday 9/20/08

Today was a good day. Jessica spent some time this morning with her horse. She played games with her on the ground. She sat on the horses' watering container and Mia stood with her and let her pet her for a good 30 minutes. And Jessica said they just were mainly just "chilling" together. While Jessica was getting in her "Mia" time, Matthew and I had a mother-son-day and went to McDonalds for a cappucinno for breakfast, to Wal-Mart for candy, to the game store for a new used Playstation game, and to get his hair cut. He didn't mind the hair cut so bad after all that other fun stuff!

Then this evening we went out to dinner with my parents and brother that was in town. And somehow ended up back at my parents to make fudge (Jessica's request) and shortcake (my brother's request). It was a fun evening. With all the baking and fudge, it felt like Christmas!

Besides a headache in the evening, for the most part, Jessica did well today.