Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday 9/22/08

Jessica didn't feel well today, and was either in bed or on the couch all day. Her legs were weak, she was tired, and just didn't feel good. She's ready to get a homebound teacher instead of trying to go to school and missing. She doesn't like missing school.

At 10:30a.m. she was still in bed, but I got her up to take her to the doctor. This time to our family doctor for the congestion and ear ache. She has fluid on her ear, but also, she has a "huge" tonsillar crypt abscess. (She's had puss pockets frequently.) The doctor recommends that her tonsils should be removed. At our pcp's suggestion, we ran it by her Dallas CFS doctor who said it was "not a good sign" that she has an abscess while on an antibiotic and a tonsillectomy may help her significantly by avoiding future infections, but also could cause a setback because of the surgery and anesthesia. He was ok with going ahead with it. This is a big decision.