Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 9/8/08

Jessica was so-so today. She said she was ok this morning, but a headache started at noon. She had two quizzes and a test to take in History, and she said she made some "stupid mistakes" on the quizzes that she wouldn't have otherwise made if she had felt better.

We had our telephone appointment with the Dallas doctor today. He answered some questions, and then went over the lab results. The lab results still showed mono, showed the Epstein Barr Virus (which he's treating), and a couple of other things that I wasn't clear on. Every time we talk to him or see him, he adds a new medication or supplement and tells us to be patient. He said we're just getting started. Please pray for our patience! He is giving her an antibiotic and something to help her sleep. She does need to sleep so she'll feel better, and she's not sleeping well at all. I've tried melatonin and Tylenol PM too, and can't tell that either really help much. As far as school, he said that a lot of his patients can't even go to school at all until later in the treatment process, so she's doing good to be able to go. So, he said to keep doing what we're doing. I guess it's getting harder to be patient and a little frustrating...


Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura -

I e-mailed you tonight but had the laptop out and thought I'd check the blog to see how Jessica's been. Sorry to hear she's having a rough week, but it's good that she got to enjoy her horse this weekend. Sometimes, those kind of fun things are worth an occasional crash. Nothing but school, sickness, and sleep can get a kid down after awhile!

I didn't realize Jessica was having trouble sleeping. It's a classic CFS symptom but doesn't always show up in the first year. I'll e-mail you two excellent articles on treating CFS sleep dysfunction. Jamie and I have both successfully treated our sleep dysfunction with this advice. As for melatonin, I read a book that said most people take too high a dose because it usually comes in 3 mg tablets. Jamie now takes 0.5 mg at bedtime, and it has helped. 1 mg makes him too groggy the next morning.

Any idea why the doctor has prescribed antibiotics?

Hope tomorrow is a better day for Jessica.