Friday, September 5, 2008

Week of 9/1/08

Last weekend was ok, a quiet weekend. We got a laptop over the weekend, so Jessica has been able to prop her feet up and get caught up on all of her homework. And she got to see her horse a couple of times.

This was a short school/work week because of Labor Day. She made it until Thursday, and then, tired with a headache and not feeling well, went back to bed for 2 hours instead of being able to make it to school. But, thankfully, that's the only day she missed this week. She was so-so this morning (Friday), but wanted to go to school, and made it through both classes.

A lady called that Jessica has babysat for - and her kids really liked Jessica. She had a new baby recently and hasn't called in a few months. Jessica had to explain to her that she had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and she was trying to go to school a half day and couldn't even make it that day, and really couldn't babysit right now. The lady said "I'm going to quit calling you, and you can call me when you get better." I hate seeing her missing out on things, but Jessica assured me that she's learned to deal with it [not being able to do things].

Tonight she felt pretty good, so, to make the most of it, Steve took her to see her horse.