Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday 9/15/08

The past few days have been pretty good. Jessica had a pretty good weekend, and even got to ride her horse for a short time. She cheerfully told me "I only missed one day of school last week!" And, yes, that was an accomplishment!

When my parents were over today, my mom said "she seemed fine." She seemed to feel good today, almost normal. Maybe it's from the change in medication? We've really struggled lately with whether we're doing the right things for her or not; and being patient has been hard. We need this hope of a good day.

And since it was a good day, Jessica wanted to go ride her horse. But I had to put her off, as that may not be a good idea on a school night just yet. I hate that she can't be a normal active teenager, and she didn't like my answer, but she did forgive me after a while. So her 2 dogs and rabbit are having to be enough for now. She's taking Olsen on a walk...


Sue Jackson said...

So glad to hear Jessica's doing well this week! Maybe the increased Florinef is helping? I hope it continues. And you're right about being active on a school night. It's so hard to say no (and every once in awhile when something special comes up, it's Ok to say yes!).


Us said...

Thanks Sue! She walked in to History class today, and the teacher said "wow, 3 days in a row!" So, yes, I'm hoping the increased Florinef is helping. Let's see if she continues on to make it ok the next 2 days!