Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday 9/30/08

Besides a bad sore throat, Jessica was pretty good for most of the day today. She was joking and in a good mood!

We met with the ENT doctor about Jessica's tonsils today. He said she has big pits in her tonsils with tonsilloliths. He said she could gargle with salt water daily and use a Waterpik a couple times a day, but from what he's seen that usually doesn't do it. It would do her good to get her tonsils out. The frustrating part is that this seemed to be one of the doctors that doesn't believe in CFS. After giving him her medicine list and some literature showing the precautions of CFS and surgery, he decided he would get a copy of her medical records first before setting up the surgery. It's an outpatient surgery, and he said she would have the worst sore throat she's ever had for 10 days. Hopefully it will help with at least the sore throats after that though.