Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 9/29/08

Jessica had a sore throat today and a little bit of a headache, but she was up and made it to school for yearbook pictures, but that was all.

Steve and I met with the 504 Plan coordinators to amend her plan. Since she just can't make it through a full school week and has missed 14 days so far, she is going to do the rest of the semester as a homebound student. They've got a new program where she can do classes online, so she will be their first online student. Hopefully doing the online classes homebound will take some of the pressure off and let her rest and recuperate better. It was a hard decision, but she was ready. She's tired and doesn't like missing classes, getting behind, and missing out on the instruction. One of the 504 Plan coordinators was one of her teachers a year ago in the fall 2007 semester, and she saw her this morning at school when Jessica went to get her picture taken. This teacher said she looked frail - in that she didn't have the bounce in her step like she used to. We want that, and so much more, back for her!


Sue Jackson said...

I know how hard this decision was for all of you, but it's good that Jessica's attitude is so accepting. We know from our own experience that there is so much pressure with school. Learning from home - for now - will allow Jessica to adjust her schedule to how she feels. The reduction of stress should help. It sounds as if this is best for her for now. Hang in there - things will get better!


Us said...

Thanks Sue! As always, thanks for the encouragement! We're still hopeful. It's just a hard process. As I know you know.