Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday 10/10/08

I was just counting my blessings the other day that I hadn't heard from Jessica in the middle of the night in quite a while! And then, last night at midnight she called - "I can't sleep." "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounds good." If it will help her get to sleep so she'll have a good day following, I was happy to make it - even though she was more awake than I was.

Jessica stayed in her robe until noon today. She may have been moving slow and have a sore throat, but she's not too bad.

We went to the school today for an Algebra interim test. These are school district required once a month tests that lead up to the end-of-course test that is required by the state. Her new online curriculum is going to be different, the pacing is different, so the future interim tests may be a challenge. She has another one next week.


Renee said...

Your daughter is blessed to have such a carring mother in her life! I feel the same way with my husband~ he is always there for me. I know how blessed I am and I am sure your sweet daughter knows that too.
I feel so sad that she is suffering so much at her young age. There is a group I belong to and we all have CFIDS and often other illnesses and one woman opened my eyes when she said, "We all have great courage to want to keep living each day to the best of our ability no matter how devastating our illnesses are."
I say the same to not only those who suffer but those who love and take care of us.

Us said...

Thanks, Renee, for the encouragement and understanding. I just wish I could do so much more, as I'm sure your husband feels also.