Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday 10/9/08

The week has been ok. Jessica went to Wal-Mart with me Monday - shuffling her feet from a lack of energy - but she went. That's the way the week went - mostly staying around the house with maybe one small outing a day.

This morning Jessica was not feeling well - really tired - and stayed in bed until 1:00 with meals being brought up to her. She's actually had several pretty good days lately before this though. As the afternoon went on, she seemed better, and needed to be, as we had an appointment at the school.

The school administrator wanted to meet Jessica and show her how to get around in the Apex online program. We finally got a user i.d. for the online classes. So, school's back in session! Jessica needs to work double time this next week because her tonsillectomy is scheduled for the next - on October 20th.

I don't know if it was that she wasn't feeling her best or that the online class isn't teaching well, but she didn't do well on the first quiz. And we found that there were some things on the quiz or study guide that isn't in the text. So, we'll have to watch this and see how it goes. She got a 100% on the second quiz though!


Renee said...

I am wondering if you have ever heard of Bruce Campbell's book and online program for managing CFIDS. It is not a gimic and helps alot of people ~ especially those who have not been sick for very long. Self Help for CFIDS/FM is filled with tools for managing and getting better. Just a suggestion.

Us said...

I have not really looked into Bruce Campbell's self-help book or website. We've just mainly been using our doctor (prescriptions and supplements) and watching her activity level. What is Bruce Campbell's approach?

Thanks Renee!