Monday, October 20, 2008

Tonsillectomy 10/20/08

Well, it went well. And all the staff at the surgery center were very nice. They answered all my questions, even when I asked more than once! And relieved my fears about surgery in her situation. We had her magnesium and potassium levels checked at the end of last week before the surgery. Her potassium was normal at 4.4 with a normal range of 3.4-4.71, but her magnesium was still slightly low (even though she's taking 400 mgs a day) at 1.6 with a normal range of 1.7-2.4. So they had assured me that she would be ok.

The doctor said her tonsils were badly infected, and took out her adnoids also. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jessica came out of the anesthesia. And no nausea. When we got back to recovery, she was sitting up in her bed talking and drinking, and it wasn't long until they said she could get dressed. So, with a surgery time of after 8:30, we were home by 11:00! She's on the couch resting now. Kind of tired and her throat hurting, but better than I'd thought she'd be!

Praise God! And also for the fact that my weekend long migraine subsided in time.