Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tonsillectomy Day 4 - 10/23/08

Jessica is smiling! And... talking!! :) No more white board! And she's asking for McDonald's sweet tea. She says she's so-so and she's still laying down and sleeping, but I think we're turning the corner on this.


Renee said...

So glad to hear she is showing some improvement! She has been through alot with surgery, let alone the awful pain that goes with a tonseillectomy!
Lifting you all up in prayer!

Us said...


As always, thank you! Yes, it's been enough. She'd never been through surgery before now, and with CFS already..., but thankfully that went well, but the pain has been awful. We're so happy to see that she's starting to do better now!! Thank you for your prayers!
Praying for you as well.