Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend - 10/4 - 10/5/08

It's been a pretty good weekend.

Jessica called a friend Saturday to see if she could go to the movies with her, and it turned out that Saturday night was the school homecoming dance. Jessica debated about going to the dance, not knowing if she'd feel up to it or if it would be too much for her. We were out shopping for a new oven anyway (ours quit a couple of days ago), so we bought a dress that she could leave the tags on until we knew for sure if she'd be able to join her friends. (With CFS we're learning to take things as they come and that plans have to be flexible.) She may have been tired, but she got to go. She looked beautiful!! The dance was from 8:00 to 11:00, and she called me at 9:00 and asked to be picked up. That's all she could do - just one hour. But she had fun, and everyone was thrilled to see her. She started to not feel well (cold symptoms, felt like she was going to pass out - it was hot with all the bodies in there, and her legs were weak and numb from standing). But she got to see a bunch of friends, people her own age, and people that she hadn't seen in months and months!

I was afraid she'd be crashed Sunday. She was tired, but was able to go with us to meet Steve's family for a birthday picnic for his sister. (Jessica just sat.) And then we stopped by to see our horse, and she rode for just a little.

If she crashes tomorrow, she still will have had a good weekend.