Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday 10/11/08

We actually went to the state fair today. Jessica held up pretty well too! My parents were ready for a phone call in case they needed to come pick up Jessica and I so that Steve and Matthew could stay; Jessica thought about it several times, but held out. We had fun. The kids got to ride a few rides and play a few games - and we all played the shoot-the-water-gun-into-the-clown's-mouth game - Matthew won! And they tried to talk us into playing the game where you can win a real bunny rabbit - a friend for Pumpkin - but I think one rabbit in the house is enough! And we ate a ton of junk food - roasted turkey leg, cotton candy, caramel apple, funnel cake and lemonade shake-up - Isn't that what the fair's all about? Last week Jessica had said that she didn't want to go because of all of the walking, didn't think she could, but she really wanted to be able to go. The heat was a bit much, and we looked for shade and places to sit every now and then. And her legs were tired. But she stayed. And we were pleasantly surprised that she held up as well as she did.

She even came home and baked horse cookies (oats, carrots, apples, molasses...) and went to see Mia (our horse), and she got to ride. It's been a full day! A good day.