Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Weekend 10/18 - 10/19/08

The weekend's been pretty good. Jessica's preparing to be down for a while after tomorrow's surgery, so she wanted to get some horseback riding in. She rode yesterday morning, and has gone to see Mia again tonight, since she knows she won't see her for several days. Jessica's a little tired today, but holding up ok.

She went to the school last night to cheer on her friends at the dance team competition. She was the one dancing, instead of sitting in the stands, last year. She just stayed for an hour - long enough to see them perform.

Tomorrow is her tonsillectomy. Please pray with us that all goes well and she has minimal down time afterwards.


Renee said...

Dear Lord
We pray that you will guide the doctors and nurses tomorrow for Jessica's surgery, and that all will go well and quickly. Reach down and touch Jessica, giving her strength and healing. Keep her in your loving arms.
In your name