Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday 11/17/08

Jessica and my dad worked on Algebra for a little while this morning, and Jessica said she was having trouble focusing, a common problem with her CFS. But they got done what they needed to get done.

Jessica pointed out to me that today is Mia's one year anniversary. One year ago today, Jessica's dream came true and we got a horse - Mia - a rescue horse. So, today being her anniversary, I had to take Jessica to the stables. We weren't going to stay long, just a quick visit. Jessica got on her back bareback. But, for the most part, I noticed that she wasn't riding. She was sitting in place. Jessica later said that she was hoping that I hadn't noticed. In other words, she was tired, but trying not to let on.

So, on the way back from the stables, when I announced that dinner tonight was going to be "fend-for-yourself-night," Jessica said "can you fend for me?" (since she was running low on energy). Every so often I can get away with fend-for-yourself-nights, which usually consists of everyone heating up what they want of leftovers or fixing something easy. So, tonight I fixed grilled cheese and ramen noodles for the kids - at their request. I find myself thinking that we do so many normal things (i.e. physically getting this or that) for Jessica that parents of a well child take for granted that their child will do themselves. But I am so happy to be able to do for and be there for her!

Jessica had a sore throat before bedtime.


Sue Jackson said...

So glad to hear that Jessica's sore throats are less frequent now - that's great!

I seem to have finally turned the corner and am coming out of my herx reaction. Sorry I've been so out of touch - I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle!

Happy Anniversary to Mia -