Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday 11/2/08

This afternoon Jessica was feeling good and got to ride her horse. She wasn't tired; her throat wasn't hurting, and her ears just a little.

She'd been planning all week to go to the youth service at church tonight - she hadn't gone to in months and months - and the fact that she was feeling good today seemed to be working well toward that. There was a parent meeting at 4:30 first. The sermon starts at 5:30 and about 45 minutes later is the small groups that she was hoping to go to to meet friends. After the parent meeting, we met back up with her and she said her back was hurting and she just didn't feel up to staying. She was achey with her back, neck, etc. hurting. So, she said hi to a couple of people and we left. We'll try again another time.