Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday 11/5/08

Jessica hasn't felt that good today. She's tired, but also she said she "just doesn't feel good" but doesn't know why. She's been working hard on school, and also didn't sleep well last night.

The last couple of days have been marathon school days working around 5 hours on Algebra and a couple of hours on History. When she couldn't sleep last night, she even tried to do some schoolwork in the middle of the night, but, being tired, she couldn't think well enough either.


Renee said...

This illness is so unpredicatable and has a complete mind of its own. I would think her body is still recovering from the surgery ~ She tries so hard, doesn't she.
Not getting sleep makes every one of us with CFS feel worse. Sleep is so important for our energy deprived bodies.
Hope she is continuing to recover from her surgery.

Sue Jackson said...

Sorry to hear Jessica had a rough day. Sounds like she might be pushing too hard on the schoolwork - 5 hours a day is a LOT for a kid with CFIDS. That might also be why she slept poorly. Hope she sleeps well tonight and has a better day tomorrow.