Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Weekend 11/8-9/08

It was a good weekend! The guys were gone hunting most of the weekend, so while they had their father/son time, Jessica and I enjoyed some girl time. We went to the stables Saturday for Jessica to get in her Mia time - and she did! We were there about 3 hours. She rode, and even got the stable owner to give her a lesson. And she said they both (Jessica and Mia) did good!

Saturday night we had friends over for a pizza and movie night. We had fun. But it ended up being a little too late, especially for Jessica's bedtime.

Sunday, Jessica may have been just a little tired, but not too bad. She just hung around the house for the most part, and did just a very short (maybe 30 minutes) amount of Algebra to finish up a lesson.

Sunday night, she made it to the church youth services to meet some friends. (She tried last weekend, and couldn't stay.) I hung out at the church; she stayed for an hour and left when the other kids were about to eat. She was told that she looked so happy and healthy!

It's great that she got to have some fun this weekend and see some people!
She went to bed with a headache.