Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Weekend Recap

Friday 11/14/08

Friday Jessica was in a good mood, and felt good enough to go shopping some (limited to 2 stores) after working on Algebra. We were trying to find a winter coat, but it looks like we waited too late.

Saturday 11/15/08

Saturday we just hung around the house most of the day, until the evening when we went to a dinner theater at church. What fun! The youth group put it on. Jessica wasn't able to participate, but got to attend, and the headache that she had when we got there seemed to disappear as the night went on. It was a good evening had by all. Jessica said her cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

Sunday 11/16/08

Jessica seemed to feel ok today, and got to go on a very short (20 minute) visit to see her horse. And this evening she and Matthew even surprised us with Christmas shaped sugar cookies. (I have the best kids!) We got our Christmas tree put up too, as the kids had been asking for it all week.

Jessica mentioned that her throat hasn't been hurting like it was before her tonsillectomy (which had been daily), so maybe the tonsillectomy really has helped!