Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Week in Review - thru 11/22/08

Jessica hasn't been too bad this week, mainly just hanging around the house for the most part. My dad's here every morning by 9:30ish and they're working on Algebra till after lunch. There was one day this week she couldn't focus, and she might be a little tired, and she's had a few headaches, but they went away pretty well, and she's held up ok. She's been to Wal-Mart for short shopping trips a couple of times - once just because she wanted to get out of the house.

Today (Saturday), was a pretty good day. While Matthew spent about 7 hours raking and burning leaves and working in the yard, Jessica helped me around the house some by dusting the living room, straightening her room, and folding a load of clothes. (She hasn't earned allowances by doing chores in a long time, because she's not able to.) Then she and I went for a short visit to see Mia. She rode bareback just a little. Then the kids went out to eat with my parents while Steve and I went out with friends. It was a pretty good day. And we ended it with a Christmas movie. This is my favorite time of year - We enjoy the Christmas movies.


Sue Jackson said...

Sounds like a productive day and a fun evening! Our boys spent the night at a friend's house last night, so we had a rare evening to ourselves, but I wasn't well enough to go out. Ken got take-out burgers and fries, and we watched a video - wild night for us!

We'll get our Christmas videos out after Thanksgiving - we look forward to that, too!