Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday 11/24/08

Jessica didn't sleep well last night, but doesn't seem to be too bad today. As usual, she wakes up slow in the morning, but is better as the day goes.

I guess she's at the midway point for Algebra and reviewed today for the upcoming semester exam.

Jessica was invited to join her church lifegroup at the movies tonight to see Madagascar 2. They'd already picked the 8:20p.m. movie to see, which isn't the best time for Jessica. (Mornings and evenings generally are harder.) But, she seemed to think she'd be ok tonight, and she wanted to have a girls night out. And she did! And she did ok too. More good news! It was a much needed night out with friends.

And Matthew & I snuck in to see the movie too (but sat by ourselves)! It was a cute movie.