Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day to reflect. As the four of us sat at the breakfast table, we each got a piece of paper and wrote things that we are thankful for. Even though Jessica has been sick this year, we're thankful for our health. Even though we've had a ton of medical bills and the economy isn't good, we're thankful for our finances and what we have.

  • Jessica: food, family, friends, house, toys, church, hot water, trips, Mia, Markee, Olson, & Pumpkin
  • Matthew: pets, banana cream pie shakes, food, clothes, tv, house, family, weekends, holidays, toys, trampoline
  • Steve: family, jobs, health, house, finances (lack of large bills), clothing, Jesus Christ, vehicles, neighbors, neighborhood, 4 seasons, relationship with wife and kids, pets, co-workers, friends, church
  • Laura: family, kids, husband, that Jessica is better than she was, the doctors, laughter, our house, my job, my health, our finances, pets, evenings with the family, hot chocolate, food, sunshine

There's so much more. There's no burden too big. No perceived need or want that really matters. We have so much to be thankful for!

Our Thanksgiving consisted of the usual ... eating and more eating. We spent time with family, and Jessica held up ok.

Happy Thanksgiving!