Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday 11/13/08

We met with the 504 Plan Coordinators today. The online history class just wasn't working. The main problem is that there wasn't much meat in the text (including the use of cartoons) but the test questions were so detailed that the answers could not be found. So, no more history. We'll start over next semester. In the meantime, she'll finish Algebra II. We talked about next semester and what to take, how many classes to try, and whether in the classroom or as a homebound student. As the Coordinator said, at this rate, it'll take her at least an additional 2 years to graduate high school. It's a tough decision, as we don't know what she'll be able to do. And Jessica was "wondering if school could get any worse" (because she's getting so far behind)! And she is sick of Algebra II. (Though, she's got a 94% in there!) I know she is frustrated with it, and so are we. We're struggling with the decisions of what to do. Do we homeschool now? Are we qualified enough?

Jessica had to take another interim assessment test in Algebra while we were at the school, and she did pretty good considering she hasn't gotten to that material yet.

Jessica was happy that she "got to have some fun tonight" by going to art class. Thanks Nana!


Renee said...

What a difficult decision for you guys...So glad she was able to have some fun!
Thinking of you today

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura -

These decisions about school are so difficult! Don't get scared off by the counselor's comments about high school taking an extra 2 years because there is a very good chance that Jessica will continue to improve. If you start the semester with homebound tutoring, you can always switch her back to the classroom mid-way if she improves enough so she is able to go in. Keep remembering that nothing is permanent, and you can keep adjusting the arrangements to meet Jessica's current level of stamina. Things will get better!