Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday 4/8/08

Again this morning I couldn't get Jessica out of bed. Steve couldn't either. So I left her in bed. She texted me at 9:15 - had just woken up. But she didn't get up except to eat. Otherwise she stayed in bed most all day, worn out. I thought we were past this! So, I took her back to the doctor this afternoon. He did lab work, wanted to check everything to make sure there isn't something else going on too - mentioned the arthritis family - and told me not to worry, that that's his job. Her white blood cell count was normal, so that was good. But I should hear about some of the rest of it tomorrow.

My dad came over today to check on Jessica and bring her lunch. Then he took our rabbit to the vet and then brought him back this evening. My mom said that she's keeping tabs, keeping a list for when she gets older and needs help. I needed a clone today otherwise!